Saturday, September 22, 2012


Elder & Sister Berning
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

Sunday September 2, 2012 Gus and Darlene were set apart as missionaries to serve in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission.  They were set apart by President Obray, Stake President.  There for the setting aparts were Grant, Kristen, Elise, Andrea, Grace, Landon, Keith, Jayme, Kaylee, Sophie, Amelia, and Bishop Barker.  Earlier in the day we were able to spend time with Jayme's parents, Kay and Harry Yaskus.  They would enter the MIC on Sept. 17, 2012 to serve a mission in Luthuania.  During the day we were also able to visit with Todd, Kevin and Brian.  We love and appreciate all of our family and the great support they are giving us. 

Grandma & Grandpa Missionaries


On September 3, 2012 Elder and Sister Berning entered the MTC.  What a wonderful experience!!  The week was full with sitting as we studied and learned from Preach My Gospel,  listening to wonderful leaders teach us about the Spirit of Missionary Work.  Also meeting new friends who were going to serve in all parts of the world.  We participated with about 2000 young missionaries and 57 couple missionaries.  This was the largest group of couple missionaries the MTC ever had.  WOW!!
Oh, we also ate and ate!!!So wonderful to be apart of missionaries with the such a desire to serve the Lord.  In an MTC Conference we all sang "Called To Serve".  Great Spirit!!  We had such wonderful Mission Trainers as they patiently worked with us to learn those things we needed to know.  One evening we went to visit some wonderful friends that live in Provo, Cheryl & David Jacobson.  Notice us pointing at the map ALL missionaries have to take a picture with, showing where we were called.  It was fun to watch as the missionaries stood proudly to point where they were going to serve. 

Pointing to our Mission
Our District with Sister Anderson
Our mission is the largest area in the US  (BLUE)

Our District with Brother Keepman
Elder Berning at the MTC (Missionaries on bikes  statue)