Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WINTER Wonderland

WINTER Wonderland    January 28, 2013

 Just a few photos from our apartment window in Fargo, ND.  It has been cold and windy.

Monday, January 21, 2013


BLESSING APARTMENT  January 21, 2013
The Zone Leaders and ourselves went to the 3 Sister's apartment.  We all knelt in prayer as Elder Stadler dedicated the apartment for the missionary work and to bless those who would be living there. He did a wonderful job and prayed that the spirit would always abide there.

SistersBerning,Kalio,Carter,Johnson, EldersBerning,Ostrom,Sadler


BEMIDJI LAKE, MN  January 17, 2013
We drove by Bemidji Lake and saw lots of fishing/ice houses on the lake.  It was quite the sight.  There were even some trucks on the ice.  It was an amazing site. 

Blind Granddaughters

Blind Granddaughters- January 17, 2013
     Brother Loopers teaches his two blind granddaughters who live next door to him.  They live in Hines, MN, about 20 miles north of Bemidji, MN.  We attended their 7:00 AM seminary class.  This is one of our favorite classes to attend.  They read the scriptures fluently in braille.  The spirit is always very strong.  Kennedy is now doing cross country skiing this winter in school.  Hines has some rolling hills and lots of pine trees.  Kennedy's doctors told her recently that she is a candidate for eye surgery when she turns 18 that could give her some vision.  GREAT NEWS!!!  She is very smart and wants to teach blind children.

Madison, Kennedy, Us (Elder & Sister Berning)
Road from Hines to Bemidji, MN



Clearbrook Branch church
Sunset in Clearbrook

Sunset in Clearbrook

Sister Sparhawk, Karlie, Me  (Sister Berning)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Zone Leaders

ELDERS  January 15, 2013
     The Zone Leaders, Elder Sadler and Elder Ostrom,  needed to vacate their apartment, so they stayed with us for 3 days.  They were gone most of the time with missionary workWe really enjoyed having them with us.  They are such devoted missionaries and great to be around.  While they were here they used our computer to design a special tag they could leave on the door handle of homes when people were not there.  It turned out really good.  It is a lot of hard work being a missionary, but there is a lot of blessings and joy. 



(Sister) Shannon Taggart and Sister Kalio

Sisters Carter, Johnson, Taggart and Kalio

YSA Branch Relief Society

YSA Branch Relief Society  January 13, 2013
 The YSA Branch has a great group of young women.  Most of the Sisters have gone to college or in college at the present.  Some are studying archaeology, movie making, English and creative writing, business, accounting, hair styling, math, music and a mixture of the above.  Three of them are the full time missionaries.  One of the Sisters will be leaving in March for a mission in Los Angeles, CA, Spanish speaking.  We always circle up or around.  It usually looks more like an oval.  But we feel closer and have good discussions.