Saturday, October 6, 2012


September 13-14, 2012. We left the MTC and returned home to finish packing.  Then we went to Rexburg to say our goodbyes to the Moldenhauer family.  We started on our trip to Fargo, North Dakota where we would be serving.  On the way we went through Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We continued onto Martin's Cove.  In 1856 this is where the Martin Handcart Company found some shelter after a long journey with many trials, death and hunger.  They were guided to a cove area where they found some protection from the bitter cold and wind.  This is where the rescue parties found and helped them get to the Salt Lake Valley.  A missionary there drove us out to see the Cove.  Great Experience!  During the summer (2012) about 10,000 youth and leaders had experienced the trek.  
Martin's Cove Visitor Center  -   Handcart

Fort Seminoe was already built.
Handcart River Crossing
Picture displayed of Martin's cove
Martin's Cove

Entrance to Martin's Cove

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