Friday, November 23, 2012

A Special Seminary Class

Brother Looper and his Granddaughters and daughter
We have the great opportunity of visiting the Seminary and Institute classes in the Fargo Stake.  The Stake is about 400 miles north and south, and about 250 miles east and west.  We have 18 Seminaries and 4 Institutes with 26 teachers all together.  We traveled to Hines, MN on October 11-12, about 156 miles east one way.  We attended Brother Looper's Seminary class at 7:00 AM.  This was such a great experience as he teaches his special 2 blind grand daughters the gospel.  The spirit is present as he teaches and the girls participate.  Kennedy read scriptures from her Braille New Testament.  You can feel the love they all have for one another. The grand daughters live next door.  Their mother came to get the girls.  She was a beautiful woman and wearing a BYU sweatshirt.  They also have a younger sister that is blind.  The blindness is hereditary. Wow, what a challenge they are living and conquering.  They live in an isolated area among lots of trees.

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