Saturday, November 24, 2012


November 8, 2012 we traveled 200 miles south to Aberdeen, SD.  We attended an Institute class that evening at the church taught by Brother Gonzales.  There were about 10 people present.  This included us and the 2 Elders that serve there.  Brother and Sister Gonzales had us over for dinner before the class.  They both have Mexican ancestors.  Sister Gonzales is really into genealogy and he teaches Spanish at Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD. 
     The next morning at 6:20 AM  we attended Sister Taylor's Seminary class in Groton which is 20 miles east.  She teaches her daughter who is a senior. She has applied for BYU.  The class has two other students, both seniors.  One is a member young man who brings his non-member girlfriend.  It was a great class.  

     Later in the day we visited Brother Peterson in Northville, SD, about 25 miles south.  Then back to Aberdeen to visit Sister Vassar.   

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