Tuesday, April 9, 2013


EASTER - March 31, 2013

Easter was a busy day.  We invited an investigator to church who we attended the Fargo II Ward with at 9:00 AM.  Hope he has the desire to hear more.  Gave him a Book of Mormon. There were wonderful talks on the last week of Christ's life, the atonement and the resurrectionThen we attended the YSA Ward at 1:30 PM.  After church we had President and Sister Braydon, Sammi and Juvaughn from the YSA Branch for  dinner.  While they were still here the Elders (Zone Leaders) came to met the Sisters and get one of their vehicles.  So the Elders ate dinner.  Then the 4 Sister missionaries arrived.  Sister Kalio and Sister Johnson spend Sunday night with us because we were taking Sister Kalio to Rapid City, SD the next day to start her journey home to Micronesian Island of Pohnpei in the South Pacific. The YSA group left and we had a visit with the missionaries and helped to get the cars where they needed to be.  Then Sisters Dallon and McCormick left for their apartment.  So Sister Kalio and Sister Johnson spend the night and were able to visit a little more.  They had been together for about 6 months.  The next morning we took Sister Johnson to her apartment and left for Rapid City. 

Easter Dinner

Sister and Elder Missionaries

Sister Johnson made candy leis for Sister Kalio-a custom in Sister Kalio's island

Sister Dallon & Kalo washing the dishes 

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