Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rapid City, MT. RUSHMORE

RAPID CITY, South Dakota  April 1-2, 2013
 We left about 5:30 AM for Rapid City on a 9 hour drive.  We arrived at the Mission Office and then went to the Mission Home to visit with President and Sister Anderson.  They are such wonderful people with great testimonies of the work. We don't see much of them because the mission is so large geographically.  There are several deer that graze on the lawns in the neighbor.  On the way to dinner we came across an accident and realized that it was the Sisters.  Nobody was injured, but the other car looked pretty bad and it was his fault.  The Sisters were pretty upset so it was good that Sister Anderson could be with them.  Sister Kalio will be with these Sisters until she leaves early Thursday.
President & Sister Anderson with Elder & Sister Berning

Deer on the lawn across the street

The other car
Sister Anderson with the Sisters -it was P-Day-black car to left was theirs

Sister Kalio in the doorway.
 President and Sister Anderson took us to a Scandinavian Chapel. In the evening we went to a FHE class at the church and met with anothr CES Senior couple.  Busy Day!!

Mount Rushmore was amazing!!!


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  1. LOVE all of your pictures! So glad that things are going so well for you both! We went to the Chapel in the Hills too when we were in Rapid City. It's a beautiful little building! Also, the pictures of you both at Mount Rushmore are great! Think and pray for you always!