Wednesday, March 27, 2013


ABERDEEHERE WE COME  March 12-14, 2013 
Tuesday afternoon we traveled to Aberdeen SD.  The roads were bad, really bad because the wind was blowing the snow over the road.  It was so cold that the roads were icy.  So we had to go slow, but we made it safely.  Tuesday evening we visited with the new Bishop at the church.  The Relief Society Birthday Party was cancelled because of the weather.  Wednesday morning we went to Groton, a small town about 20 miles east to visit an early morning seminary.  We love going to the Taylor's home.  Sister Taylor teaches her daughter.  Ashley is a senior and will be attending BYU-I in the fall.  She is so excited to be among LDS students and be a part of such a wonderful school.  Brother Taylor is a bee keeper and loves it.  His bees are in California and will soon move to Mississippi and then come to South Dakato.  They are quite the traveling bees.  We took the Elders out to a fancy lunch at McDonalds.  Then in the evening we attended the Institute class at the University site in Aberdeen.  Their numbers were lower tonight than usual.  Thursday morning we traveled home on beautiful roads.  We always love going the 200 miles one way to Aberdeen.

Traveling to Aberdeen

Sister Taylor and Ashley

Ashley with us

Institute class with students, teacher, & missionaries

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