Wednesday, March 27, 2013


MORMON TRAIN -Transfers   March 5, 2013

Tuesday evening after Institute the Mission Train arrived from Rapid City, SD about 10:30 PM.  Because of the weather and road conditions it took them about 3 hours longer than scheduled.  From South Dakota they were traveling about 30 miles an hour.  There were about 12 missionaries on the "Train".  The "Train" or van lets off and picks up missionaries as they circle around the mission.  This occurs every transfer when the new missionaries arrive in the mission.  Since the Train hadn't arrived on time all 12 of the missionaries   came to Institute that evening.  This was decided while Elder Berning was picking up Juvaughn.  So when he walked into the room he was pretty shocked to see about 12 additional students all dressed in suits, ties and white shirts. Elder Berning teaches the class. It turned out really good.  I think it was great for Juvaughn to be with the missionaries.  He is putting in his papers and is very anxious to go on a mission.  Wonderful evening!!!


It was COLD!!!  and about 11:00 PM

"I'm a mormon" in large letters on the"TRAIN"

Refreshments after the Institute Lesson

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