Monday, March 4, 2013

YSA Institute Class

YSA Institute Class - February 26, 2013  Fargo, ND

Nick, Juvaughn, Karen, Sammy Camu, (Sisters Berning, Kalio, Johnson)

We love our Institute class. Juvaughn told us that he will be able to get his mission papers in now and hopes to leave in August.  He just received Canadian citizenship since his mother moved there from Jamaica.  He is so excited to serve a mission.  He has a strong testimony with a great spirit and desire to serve the Lord. 
Nick is a returned missionary who served in England.  He is going to college and lives with his family here.  He was in Utah but decided to return home.  A sad thing happened in his family just weeks before we arrived here.  His younger brother of 16 committed suicide.  This shocked and effected so many of the youth here.  Nick is a great strength to the Branch.
Camu is a young woman from Taiwan and is also going to college here.  Karen is on the floor.  She is going to massage therapy school.  Her parents are divorced and most of her family live in Arizona.  Sammy is studying anthropology and loves it.  She is always sharing things she learns.  Her family lives in west ND.  Each one of these young adults add so much to the Branch.  We love them all.  The Sister missionaries are behind the students.  We love it when they attend. 

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