Monday, December 31, 2012


Christmas Tree in our apartment!!
After the Sisters left on Christmas Eve we went to the airport to pick up our son Brian.  He flew here from Salt Lake City, Utah to spend Christmas with us.  We had such a wonderful time with him.  He arrived about 10:00 PM on Christmas Eve.  He returned home December 27 about 10:00 AM.  So he was here for about 2 days.  It was great.  We skype family on Christmas.  That was wonderful!!!  We ate a lot, played some games ( Rummikub and Phase 10).   I love playing games.  We also went to the theater and saw the "Hobbit".  We ate lots of popcorn and drink.  We went out to eat and ate lots at home.  Thanks Brian for making our Christmas so special!!  Also thanks to our family for sharing their Christmas time with us. 

Santa flying in an old time airplane. (Fargo Airport)

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