Friday, December 7, 2012

Climax MN, Georgetown MN

December 6, 2012 we visited Climax, MN.  We visited Brother and Sister Gerla and their 15 year old daughter, Mary, who is their Seminary Student.  She is also home schooled and will be ready to start college courses next year.  Her 5 older siblings finished high school early and went on to college.  Her older brother will be graduating from the BYU Law School this year.  The class was held at 8:30 PM.  There was a warm, comfortable feeling in their home as Brother Gerla gave a lesson on the Holy Ghost.  They live on 14 acres out in the country.  Lots of farm land and open spaces.  Corn seems to be one of the main crops, but we will be able to tell more this summer.  Brother Gerla teaches part time at University of North Dakota.  Climax is just over the border from Grand Forks, ND. 
     The evening  before, Dec. 5th, we visited a Seminary class and an Institute class. They were both held at the church in Grand Forks, ND which is about 83 miles north of Fargo.  On our way home Thursday afternoon we drove to Climax so we would know where we were going that evening.  I took some pictures of the area.  On the route we saw a little town called Georgetown, MN.  It was even smaller then our Georgetown.

Sister and Brother Gerla, Mary

Gerla home in Climax.  They have horses, dogs and cats.

View while traveling,  very flat.
Icy "Red River" is border between North Dakota and Minnesota


This cemetery was on the highway before Climax, out in nowhere.  It was beautifully cared for with lots of headstones.  The arched gate was very unique. 

This was a large stone plaque in the cemetery.

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