Thursday, December 6, 2012


Megan, Karen, Nathaniel, Juvaughn
NOVEMBER 27, 2012 was our Tuesday evening Institute class with the YSA Branch.  We only had four attending this week, which is normal.  We are studying the New Testament.  Elder Berning is the main teacher and is doing a great job.  These are some of our most faithful students.  Megan is getting married Dec.28 in the Portland, OR Temple.  Her finance is in the Branch, but has to work on Tuesday evening. They are both returned missionaries. They will live here in Fargo and go to NDSU.  Karen has just come back to church and is so happy.  She just got a miracle job where she doesn't have to work on Sunday.  Nathaniel recently returned from a mission in Argentina and will go back to BYU-Provo next semester.  He came here to be with his younger brother who is less-active.  Nathaniel is the young man that helped to fix my computer. He brings bread, rolls, and cookies to church all the time.  He works at a bakery and gets the left overs.  Juvaughn is from Jamaica and is making plans to go on a mission.  He has one sister who attends a university in Alabama (I think) and has a scholarship with track.  She was in the national finals and did really good.  His mother remarried and lives in Canada.  He misses all his family. He wants to get a good education in the medical field.  We showed pictures of the flag painted on Todd's bedroom wall in Georgetown.  He was really surprised and liked it.  They are all great.

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