Sunday, December 30, 2012


A great, fun, active group of Young Adults.  Love them!!!

                          Sister Johnson, Sister Kalio, Camu, Sister Brayton, Karen, Jessica, Lynn
                                                     Sammy, Kat, Emma, Meegan
Sister Johnson - Missionary from Spokane, Washington, goes home in April 2013
Sister Kalio - Missionary from Micronesia, goes home in April 2013
Camu - a convert from Taiwan, attends college
Sister Brayton - a convert from ND, husband is Branch President, have 4 children, 1 died young, 3 married, 6 grandchildren, great with the YSA
Karen - starting Business School this next semester,  from Tucson, Arizona
Jessica - baptized December 15 at age 18, lives in Fargo with her family
Lynn -freshman attending Minnesota State University, father teaches there
Sammy - attends North Dakota State University majoring in anthropology, from ND
Kat - student at NDSU majoring in Creative Writing, taking "Harry Potter" class
Emma - graduated from BYU in Historical Movie Making??, works Valley State College, lives at home
Meegan - returned missionary, Married Dec 28 to YSA young man, both attending NDSU, from Oregon

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