Thursday, December 6, 2012

Traveling to ABERDEEN, SD

November 29, 2012 we traveled to Aberdeen, South Dakota to visit Seminary and Institute teachers and students.  We traveled about 450 miles total.  There are 4 Seminary classes & 1 Institute class.  

A picture taken of the sunset on the way to Aberdeen.

November 30, 2012 we visited Sister Vassar's class in the Aberdeen church at 6:20 AM.  Her daughter and another girl are the students.  Her son is usually there, but had a HS speech competition he was involved with.  The girls are very pretty and involved in the lesson.  They did Scripture Mastery.  Sister Vassar told real life examples and had the girls figure out which scripture would help answer the problem or concern.
We always take treats.  We took orange juice and cookies.
     Then we visited Sister Gonzalez.  Her husband is the Institute teacher.  She has Hispanic and native American Ancestors.  She is super involved in genealogy.  She is putting in papers to be a Family Genealogy Resource Missionary.  She would serve about 20 hours a week on the phone and computer.  Spanish and English would be her special area.  She is so smart and loves to talk about her ancestors and Spanish history.  We hope to return before Christmas so she can make us a special Mexican Hot Chocolate drink.  We had a very informative and warm visit with her.  We took them a poinsettia plant to wish them a Merry Christmas. 
      After lunch we traveled to Grodon, about 20 miles east of Aberdeen to visit Sister Holly Taylor and her husband who was home.  Her seminary daughter was at school.  We visited their class a few weeks ago.  They are bee farmers.  They have 3,000 hives that they move between South Dakota, California and Mississippi.   Their cream honey is delicious.  We also gave them a poinsettia plant.  She has sent us two thank you emails saying that this is the first poinsettia she has ever had and loves it.  They have a beautiful home.   
     Next we went back to Aberdeen for a 4:00PM appointment at the church with Sister Wiedrich.  She teaches her daughter at home in Roscoe,SD which is about 42 miles west of Aberdeen.  She has some difficult family situations and works all day.  So we wanted to meet her and it turned out wonderful.  Sometimes just getting to know someone helps so much in later communications.  She also loved the poinsettia we gave her.  All of these teachers work so hard to teach their children.  The Lord's work has miracles happening all over when you take the time to just look and listen. 

     On our way traveling out of Aberdeen, it was dark.  I took pictures of some of the Christmas light decorations we saw.  Thought it was just fun to enjoy!

The fast train home!!!!!

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